Client Testimonials

“Your expertise and insight resulted in a very favorable resolution for us, in both, the trust settlement, mortgage foreclosure and financial matters. Your professionalism has been exemplary.”

Rev. G. Smith
Montoursville, PA

"We would sincerely like to thank you for all your masterful efforts to untangle the North Carolina mess. You accomplished more in weeks than the other professionals accomplished in five years."

W. R. Somers, M.D.
Cogan Station, PA

"You came to my office just when I needed you most. Most people would have walked away from a very difficult situation but you took it as a real challenge. I must tell you that I have never seen anyone who could keep more balls in the air and still be so organized. Many people said it couldn't be done, but you made it happen, with the help of both God and our employees."

D. Gibble, President
Nibble With Gibble Snack Food Manufacturing
Chambersburg, PA

"In my long very business experience, you were the toughest and most successful opponent I have dealt with. You work like a New York professional—get everything you want."

F. D. Winner, M.D.
Dunedon, FL

"You're a tireless worker with a keen understanding of many complex issues."

A. Bergman, Esq.
Dallas, TX

"Without the outstanding efforts and extremely hard work by Stephen Poorman, we never would have successfully completed this deal."

J. Lash, M.D.
A. Roque, M.D.
J. Ibarra, M.D.
Brooklyn, NY

"Thank you for your hard work in resolving our corporate problems. When you began your work, things were unsure and more than 400 jobs and 1,000 distributor employees were in jeopardy—not to mention my financial future. No one believed you would be able to obtain substantial increases in these negotiations and your work is very much appreciated by our Company."

S.T. Musser
Charles Chips Snack Foods
Philadelphia, PA

"In all my years as a trial lawyer, I have never received such well organized, professional assistance."

H. Pomerantz, Esq.
Palm Beach, FL

"Congratulations to you for being able to resolve the divorce issues. Your leadership and negotiations were obviously effective and has been a great benefit to my client."

G. Morrison, Esq.
Harrisburg, PA

"I wanted to thank you for reorganizing and selling our gas Company. Your work saved our Company a substantial amount of money. The selling price you obtained for our common stock was 40% greater than we anticipated. We all appreciate your persistency. And, your masterful talent in stopping the losses in our California nursing homes will never be forgotten."

R. Colkitt
Indiana, PA

"I will forever appreciate my son for introducing me to you. You got me out of the "mess that took on a life of its own." I want to thank you whole heartedly for your participation in this matter and the solving of same."

L. Powers
Hartford, CT

"Your efforts to get refinancing and work with our family in producing viable plans to generate future profits enabled us to obtain the necessary funds we needed to go forward. When we first met in my office, we had all but given up on the prospects of saving the Company."

G. McBeth
The McBeth Corporation
Chambersburg, PA

"You've made many changes in our Company which will protect us in the future, and your work resulted in immediate savings and increases in revenue."

C. Bloom
Grampian, PA

"I would like to commend you on the excellent job you did in negotiating a sale. The arrangement far exceeds what I thought was possible given the financial condition of the Company. I thought you were aggressive, yet tactful and professional in the negotiations. You certainly exceeded my expectations."

J. Rose, CEO, CPA
Charles Chips Snack Foods
Mountville, PA

"Thank you again for your consultation and expert testimony on this case. My partner and I felt that you were extremely well prepared to testify. Your conference and demeanor went over well with the jury."

R. S. Costantini, Esq.
Jacksonville, FL

"You've been extremely supportive and guided us through the recovery process. You've been effective, efficient and always helpful in our business dealings."

Dr. J. E. DeFinnis
Dr. S. G. Bishop
Berwick, PA

"We especially appreciate the tireless hours you spend trying to resolve hundreds of issues surrounding the transaction. You not only handled the business issues, but also worked to get the legal documents revised and amended to meet the requirements of our client's counsel. Had it not been for your efforts, this sale would have never closed. Not matter what obstacles arose, you worked until it they were resolved."

O. Soni
Hauppauge, NY

"You have always been extremely courteous, efficient and honorable to deal with. You've showed a true concern for our interest and function with good judgment and integrity."

C. Rieders, Esq.
Williamsport, PA

""Thanks for all your help with this transaction. I am still not certain how you were able to negotiate such a deal in our Atlanta market."

T. Platford
Atlanta, GA

"You were able to bring each of these matters (Texas and North Carolina) within six months' and in each case, you turned what appeared to be an outright hemorrhage of assets into a win-win situation." " You are a most amazing gentlemen."

J. G. Freynik, M.D.
Williamsport, PA

"I received your latest document and it appears that you have finally put together a workable deal. I want to compliment you on your perseverance."

H. Sickler, Jr., CPA
Tyrone, PA

"Mr. Poorman saved my Company a substantial sum because of his involvement and his contacts with people in government. More importantly, he quickly resolved a serious and complicated problem."

F. Vognet, Valley Marketing
Williamsport, PA
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